North East Lincolnshire CCG

North East Lincolnshire CCG is the statutory body responsible for Commissioning Health and Social care on behalf of the local community. The CCG has retained the legal partnership with North East Lincolnshire council and together we have created an approach to commissioning that is engaging, transparent, innovative and effective.

We decided from the outset that our CCG would be clinically led and the GPs in this area have certainly risen to that challenge.

We also decided that it would be shaped by the community we served so to do this we created a structure that involved members of the public in everything we do. Whilst in other parts of the country community involvement is in the shape of consultations which happen at the end of a process, we choose to involve the community in all aspects of our work, in the questions we ask, in the ideas we have and in the decisions we make.

Outstanding results from joined-up thinking

The work of our managers, Clinicians and Community members has already produced some outstanding results and improvements in the delivery of health and care services.

NE Lincs CCG TrianglesWe have created seven key areas of service delivery:

  • Older People’s Care
  • Disabilities & Mental Health
  • Planned Care
  • Unplanned Care
  • Women and Children’s Care
  • Community Care
  • Prescribing & Medicines

Each of these areas is driven by a named GP, a service lead manager and a member of the community forum. These three work together in their respective area bringing different perspectives to the discussions but all sharing a common aim, to find the best way to deliver services which are clinically sound, affordable and meaningful to the people using them.

We certainly have challenges ahead of us that will require all our skill and innovation as well as strong partnerships and a team of dynamic and forward thinking individuals but working in this way gives us an excellent chance of delivering the Health and Care services needed for North East Lincolnshire.

The Council of Members (CoM) is the arena in which all 30 member practices within North East Lincolnshire have the opportunity to come together to consider and advise on the service commissioning agenda for Health & Social Care.

CCG 4The North East Lincolsnhire CoM have been heavily involved in the shaping, engagement and communication of the Healthy Lives Healthy Futures and clinical lead members within CoM have also helped improve services for patients including –

  • Glaucoma referral refinement scheme within which the first 6 months of operations over 70% avoided hospital without incurring increased practice workloads
  • Reductions in paediatric emergency admissions by 30%
  • Children’s community nursing service accessibility being extended to 8:00am – 10pm 7 days a week with a seamless pathway across primary and secondary care.

The CCG set out an ambitious range of objectives for delivery on more than 60 projects and are on schedule to deliver them.

To find out more about the North East Lincolnshire CCG and some of their key areas of work visit our website