LINCS GP Federation

Local Integrated Network of Care Services (LINCS) was established to support integrated working across Primary Care and ensure consistent high quality health and well-being services are delivered for the population, in particular (but not limited to) Primary Care Services.

LINCS was established to support and represent the 30 GP practices covering a population of 168,000 across North East Lincolnshire. 27 practices representing approximately 91% of the population signed up as members when we were established and although 2 single handers and 1 partnership practice did not wish to be members, we actively seek ways of working with them as appropriate.

The Company was not established or conducted for private gain: any surplus or assets will be reinvested in supporting the development of high quality services for the populations served.

Local Integrated Network of Care Services is committed to:

  • Providing safe, high quality services in primary care
  • Adhering to the NHS Values and Principles
  • Delivering the NHS Mandate
  • Working in collaboration with other providers where appropriate
  • Supporting the delivery of consistent primary care services.

Currently Lincs is commissioned by NEL CCG to provide support to the following areas:

  • Primary Care Model
  • Workforce Development
  • Primary Care Leadership
  • Primary Care sustainability

Lincs also provides a Medical Director to Care Plus Group as well as GP support to step down beds.

Contact Details


Dr Sean Thrippleton – Chair of Lincs and overall Governance Lead

Dr Thrippleton is a partner at Roxton Practice.

Dr Helen Buckley – Workforce lead

Dr Buckley is a partner at FieldHouse Practice at Freshney Green

Dr Kazim Sibtain – Commissioning Lead

Dr Sibtain is a partner at Clee Medical Practice

Dr Suresh Babu – Finance Lead

Dr Babu is a single handed GP Practice at Weelsby View

Management Support

Sue Rogerson provides management support to LINCS and can be contacted at