Core Care Links Ltd

Core Care Links Ltd (CCL) is a not for profit organisation that was established by its 5 Clinical Directors in October 2010. All 5 Directors are local practising GPs who are also active members of North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), North Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group and the Local Medical Council (LMC):

Dr Rakesh Pathak, CCL Director – Strategic Development

Dr Pathak is also a Partner at Raj Medical Centre, CCG Clinical Lead for Unplanned Care and a GP representative on North East Lincolnshire’s Partnership Board.

Dr Arun Nayyar, CCL Director – Unscheduled Care

Dr Nayyar is also a Partner at the Roxton Practice, CCG Clinical Lead for Planned Care, a GP representative on North East Lincolnshire’s Partnership Board, GP Trainer, Hull & East Yorkshire Medical School Tutor and Accredited Skin Cancer Clinician

Dr Thomas Maliyil, CCL Director – Operations

Dr Maliyil is also a Partner at Scartho Medical Centre, Vice Chair (chair elect) of the Council of Members, a GP representative on North East Lincolnshire’s Partnership Board, a Hull and York Medical School (HYMS) Tutor and a trainer of foundation year doctors.

Dr Nathalie Dukes, CCL Director – HR, Contracts and Safeguarding

Dr Dukes is also a Partner at Littlefield Surgery, a Hull and York Medical School (HYMS) Tutor, an educational and clinical supervisor for foundation doctors and in the process of becoming a GP Trainer.

Dr Martin Clausen, CCL Director – Governance, Compliance and Complaints

Dr Clausen is also a Salaried GP at Ancora Medical Practice and a Salaried GP representative on the Local Medical Committee (LMC)

CCL is commissioned to deliver Urgent GP services across Northern Lincolnshire. We currently hold contracts for a portfolio of services which includes:

  • North East Lincolnshire (NEL) GP Out of Hours (GPOOHs) service
  • North Lincolnshire (NL) GP Out of Hours service
  • GP provision with local Call Handling Services
  • A&E GP Service (award winning service that has received National recognition)

CCL is a young, Dynamic organisation that works with over 70 local Clinicians to deliver high quality, effective urgent GP services. We are continually looking to develop and expand our services using innovative approaches and the experience of our patients and staff.

CCL is actively involved in the development of local strategies and services, working with local health and social care providers to ensure integrated care is provided for all.

CCL is always looking to expand the team of clinicians working within our services and is in a position to be able to offer a portfolio GP role for interested GPs with the right skills, experience and work ethic.

For more information on Core Care Links visit our website