Care Plus Group

Care Plus GroupCare Plus Group [CPG] is a Community Benefit Society and has been in existence as an independent social enterprise since 1st July 2011. Preceding that date we were part of the NHS as the provider arm of North East Lincolnshire Care Trust Plus. We are the 4th largest firm in North East Lincolnshire by turnover and employee numbers. We have over 800 staff who are all owner members of CPG.

Care Plus Group has extensive knowledge and experience of working in North East Lincolnshire through the delivery of our contracts to provide community health and adult social care services and also as a key player in strategic planning across health and social care e.g. our current involvement in Healthy Lives, Healthy Futures and other significant forums.

CPG offers services to every citizen within North East Lincolnshire, and is in direct contact with more than 11,000 people every day. All 3 of the major conurbations are served equally, with community nursing teams based in all 3, and co-located with local GP practices.

All of the 800 plus staff within CPG are co-owners of our business and they are joined in this by 157 volunteer members and a small number of customer members.

Proactive partnership working practices

CPG is firmly committed to providing highly co-ordinated and integrated services across multiple professional and institutional boundaries. For example we:

  • Develop shared pathways, including developing common goals, processes, identifying and addressing communication gaps, building clinical relationships and trust for example CPG is part of one of the first Alliance Based Contracts in the country for its End of Life service with St Andrew’s Hospice.
  • Developing shared systems and protocols to co-ordinate treatment, avoid duplication and improve patient care for example our Single Point of Access is shared by GP Out Of Hours Nurse triage, Health, social care.
  • Working to provide a fully integrated service to patients, for example CPG’s intermediate care at home and Rapid Response are delivered by multi-disciplinary teams combining, clinicians, therapists, assistant practitioners and integrated support workers.
  • Co-locating services and collaborative case working for example CPG’s community nurses are co-located with GPs.

To support our working we have developed formal partnership arrangements with St Andrews Hospice, Navigo, Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Foundation trust, local GP’s and the GP Out of Hours provider. These active partnerships enable us to ensure that our customers receive a more seamless and therefore better quality care provision.

Investment in training and staff development

CPG has a formal partnership with Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher education to ensure that we can provide high quality vocational and competency based training to all staff providing care in the home setting. We have recently designed and created an elderly person’s flat on the campus to give staff a real example of what it is like to care for someone at home.

Grimsby0249Having come out of the NHS as a social enterprise we have been able to carry the best of the NHS with us whilst at the same time reducing some of the bureaucracy that is an inevitable part of a large national organisation. Our terms and conditions for qualified clinical staff and social workers reflects similar terms and conditions to Agenda for Change including offering the NHS pension.

We pride ourselves on our performance and quality and this is reflected in all external inspections since we went live as our own organisation in 2011. We are an innovative organisation where staff are well engaged and form the foundation of our success. Our most recent staff survey carried out in April 2015 reflects top performing results.

How likely are you to recommend CPG to friends and family if they need care and treatment? – 94.53%

How likely are you to recommend CPG to friends and family as a place to work? –- 79.69%

Do you feel that there is fair and effective leadership in place across CPG83.03%

At work my opinions and views are considered – 85.90%

I feel my job is valued and important – 84.60%

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