Transport Links and Travel

It isn’t unusual for people not to be able to place where we are in the UK. North East Lincolnshire is in fact centrally located in England on the East Coast. This gives us great access to all parts of the UK, north, south and west, plus direct access across to Europe.

Transport Links

In addition to good road links to the main towns and motorways connecting the UK,  there is also a direct rail route from Manchester Airport calling at Sheffield and Doncaster meaning you are never far from anywhere. London by train is 3 hours.

We also have our own Airport with Humberside Airport being only 20 minutes from Grimsby and providing daily flights to Schipol Amsterdam. The ferry terminal at Hull (45 minutes) also gives you easy access to the continent.

Stress-free commuting

One of the biggest differences you will notice if you have been living near a large city or commuter-belt is the ease of commuting. Our road infrastructure provides direct motorway and A roads into the main towns and is remarkably uncongested, even at rush hour.

One of the biggest benefits when I moved to the area was the time I saved on my commute. It gave me back over an hour and a half every day. Time that can now be spent doing the things I really enjoy.