GP Services within A&E

When targeted with delivering the four-hour wait target at A&E, Core Care Lincs (CCL) who are responsible for providing a range of GP Emergency Services across North East Lincolnshire, introduced a GP services located within Diana Princess of Wales hospital.

The project started in 2012 with the service being developed and expanded through a process of feedback from clinicians, partners and service users.

The service operates 9am – 10 pm 7 days a week and is delivered by a team of 2-3 GPs.

One GP acts as the ‘coordinator’ GP undertaking a first impression triage (FIT triage) of all patients walking in to the A&E department. From the information provided at reception, the GP determines if the patient is a true A&E presentation, appropriate for GP management or requires sign posting to an alternative service.

Any patients deemed appropriate for GP management are then managed by the second ‘consulting’ GP.

A third GP is located within the majors side of the A&E department, working as part of an MDT triaging patients brought to the department via ambulance. Any patients deemed appropriate for community management are transferred to the A&E GPs.

To support the delivery of the service, the GPs have access to all diagnostics used by the A&E department, emergency appointments within all local practices and community services including Social Care.

Since the establishment of the service, there has been a significant improvement in performance against the 4 hour wait target with the GPs managing on average 28% of all walk-ins.

The A&E GP service is also an award winning initiative, receiving National recognition from a variety of sources.