Health & Care Community

The health and social work community in North East Lincolnshire is becoming known for its innovative and creative approach to delivering high quality health and social care in the region.

One of the drivers of this is the commitment from all organisations to work together to improve services and get the most from the resources available to us.

Many of our providers are social enterprises with a membership, including staff, who have a real say in the direction and running of the organisation.

The Work Smart, Live Well project itself is a testament to this collaborative working and new ways of addressing the challenges facing health and social care organisations throughout the UK.

North East Lincolnshire may not be a well known area but it is a real ‘hidden gem’, not only in terms of the career development and opportunities on offer but also in terms of the standard of living and quality of lifestyle that can be had and that is what Work Smart Live Well is all about.

Partner organisations involved in this project include the main providers of health, mental health, community care and social work jobs in North East Lincolnshire. Many of which already work together and offer exciting new ways of working for ambitious people who are keen to make a difference.