Full speed ahead for Andy’s thanks to generous Tesla owners

Patients at Andy’s, the children’s unit at St Andrew’s Hospice in Grimsby, are enjoying life in the fast lane thanks to a generous donation from UK owners of Tesla cars.

Tesla Owners’ UK have donated a RadioFlyer scale Tesla electric toy car to Andy’s. This is part of their campaign to provide one of the cars to each children’s hospice and hospital.

The Tesla Owners’ UK group have even had an endorsement from Tesla co-founder Elon Musk through Twitter.

President of Tesla Owners’ UK, Will Fealey explained how the donations are made.

He said: “Tesla give the cars as referral prizes when an existing owner refers a new owner to them.

“You receive one of the toy cars whether you have a child or not.

“As you can imagine, quite a lot of people who make referrals have no need for the car.

“So instead of selling them, we donate them to hospices and hospitals instead.”

Tesla Crowdfunding campaign

And the campaign has quickly gathered pace on social media and through a JustGiving fundraiser that is asking for donations to purchase further cars.

Will continued: “We have had 29 cars pledged by Tesla owners.

“RadioFlyer’s version of the car retails at £666, so there has been a total of over £22,000 pledged to the scheme already.

“I will be donating 13 cars at full price to the fund, and we have been given a heavily reduced rate on a further 25 cars.

“Tesla Owners’ UK has donated two cars from club funds and 66 members have pledged their future referral toy cars to the scheme.

“And for every mini Tesla car worth of funds donated to our online fundraiser, we have match funding, so 50 cars pledged equals 100 cars ordered!”

Haulage firms and warehouses have also offered their services for storage, transport and delivery of the cars.

Children’s Activities and Play Coordinator, Tracy Wilson spoke of the unit’s delight at the donation.

“We receive some fantastic donations at the hospice,” she said.

“But I don’t think we have ever had anything like this before.

“The children absolutely love the car and they wanted to be in it and driving around straight away!”

For more information on the Tesla Owners’ UK club, please visit their website: https://teslaownersgroup.co.uk/.